“Shifted Realities” addresses my concern with the urban landscape. Born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico, arriving in Miami made me pay particular attention to the developed area and structures of the downtown. Using an intuitive and automatic process, referencing surrealist automatism, the work became my way of portraying the city. My perspective is unconventional, allowing me and the viewer an opportunity to see the cityscape from a new point of view. A comparison is made between my work and that of photographers Aaron Siskind, Paul Strand and Charles Sheeler, regarding their aesthetic choices and content. The work is analyzed alongside movements such as new topographics, straight photography and the concept of the sublime. In conclusion, I emphasize the need to further explore the ever-changing American landscape and I aim to continue future projects by means of this concern. This series has made my time in Miami intellectually and creatively stimulating by acknowledging how to embrace and value the city.

Interview for Sala FAR opening

el paisaje urbano se transforma en búsqueda de armonía y balance

Parece pero no es: el juego en las fotos de Annie Saldaña

Video interview for exhibition opening at Sala FAR

Gallery View of Shifted Realities at Sala FAR