How can your art help create a better world, all while selling an idea? How do we tap on that inherent human condition? We must come from a sensitive standpoint and address the situation with empathy but determination to succeed. – Saldaña, to Graphic Design students

Dissociation: Aftermath of Hurricane María

During Hurricane María in 2017, I was teaching the Editorial Photography Course at University of Puerto Rico in Carolina, Puerto Rico. My students had to complete a documentary series on their experiences during the Hurricane. The images were exhibited at the Student Gallery in Miami International University of Art & Design.

“On May 10, 2018, Miami International University of Art & Design (MIU) hosted the exhibit reception for Dissociation: Aftermath of Hurricane Maria, a photography exhibit that chronicles the chaos that followed Hurricane Maria from the perspective of displaced Commercial Advertising students at the University of Puerto Rico in Carolina. 

The exhibit followed the journey of 17 students who had just commenced the “Editorial Photography” course led by their instructor and MIU alumnus (MFA Visual Arts 2012), Annie Y. Saldaña.”

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Student photographers: 

  1. Kevin Arce Falcon 
  2. Paulette Braffett Jovet 
  3. Monica Caballero Colon 
  4. Jose Cirino Perez 
  5. Alex Cornelio Santiago 
  6. Wilvelisse Corps Rodriguez 
  7. Liara Davila Davila 
  8. Christopher De Aza Aviles 
  9. Gabriel Diaz Sanchez 
  10. Ixchellinairys Ortiz Davis 
  11. Alondra Rios Torrens 
  12. Adriana Rivera Flores 
  13. David Rodriguez Bouyett 
  14. Sianelly Rodriguez Carrasquillo 
  15. Yelitza Rosado Martinez 
  16. Ketzy Santiago Burgos 
  17. Ashley Vera Vazquez
Annie Y. Saldaña with student David J. Rodríguez Bouyett at exhibition opening. Miami, FL.
Charlene Parsons (Director & Professor Fashion Dept-AI-MIU), Bryan Hiveley (Professor Visual Arts-AI-MIU), Annie Y. Saldaña & Orlando Torres (Dept. Director-UPR Carolina)
Annie Y. Saldaña

Professor Annie Y. Saldaña along with faculty members and students on our first presentation of the Photography Association we founded “Lente Abierto” – Ana G.Méndez – Carolina Campus

Group of participating students celebrating the final exhibition of the after-school program “Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología” offered at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Santurce, PR.
Exhibition and certificate from participating student of after-school program “Arte, Ciencia y Tecnología” offered at Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico, Santurce, PR.